Atonement for Postponed Debts

..a different story from so far.

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Katanagatari 11
You know what, I never really liked the Maniwa clan... but, I never thought Nisio Isin would kill them all! Damn him! I mean, I thought he would at least spare Maniwa Pengin cause he acts all that slow plus he's a kid! Another thing which probably made me assume he'll survive this sword hunt was because Houo  said to him that he'll probably be the one to lead the future generation of the Maniwa clan.

I really really hate the fact that Pengin probably died the most cruel way. Plus the technique used to kill him was such a bogus! If his bouncy ball weapon didn't even hit him even once after he threw it inside the room, then how come Emonzaemon deduced the ricocheting the bullets would hit Pengin eh?! That's just so wrong! If Pengin's ninpou was indeed all about altering fate, then even ricocheted bullets are also included in that scope!

Emonzaemon should die die die die in shreds. He even had the guts to do that to Togame. Burn him alive, I say. I'm so angry to what he did to Pengin. He wasn't even contented that he hit him with three bullets already. He also delivered the last shot by inserting the gun to Pengin's mouth and pulling the trigger. He's not human. Even if it is an enemy we're talking about here, I don't know if it does justice to do that to a kid. And just like I've said. EMONZAEMON SHOULD DIE IN SHREDS and I won't be contented if he won't.

Drrr!! 2nd rewatching
I tagged along with everybody who watched Drrr during the time it was still airing and I found the ending really terrible. Now that I've decided to rewatch it, (just finished it actually) I found the ending actually good and fits the atmosphere for such an open ended story. I wasn't able to appreciate how the ending was during the 1st watch but I guess after that conflicting emotions of the three, and seeing them reconcile right at that moment they met was just enough to convince me that I'm witnessing how a real friendship unfold right before my eyes.

After all that heavy and dark atmosphere in the story, we're left with a calm (perhaps?) ending. And, It was great to see that the views of the characters in the end of the story drastically changed (the three protagonists). I also just like how Mikado phrased his epilogue for the Dollars.

There's one thing I learned. The Dollars are the town, itself. A lot of people arrive, and a lot of people leave, never in the same colors. Something is always happening. People are hating each other, loving each other, becoming friends, and drifting apart. In the same way a town exists, so long as there are people, the Dollars will continue to exist. - Mikado, Ryuugamine

Index 6
Oh God, I really like it whenever there's some looming conspiracy in the science side compared to the magic side. And Index 6 yet again made me cringe after Kuroko took that hit from Awaki :|! And it's kind of really noticeable that there are improvements in the quality. I guess they chose not to screwed up biribiri's episode... Or else...

I really like it whenever I see Kuroko doing her teleportations. Also, Last Order's so random lol. And I don;t know what's going on with the Misaka network!!! ugh this is getting me pretty excited compared to the Amakusa arc. (I mean it was kind of lame)

I don't know if I'll get the chance and I'll update it here if I get to write a decent entry for Temporal Vortex about my heavy preference towards the Science Side compared to the Magic Side of Index.

Those who have departed.
A cat of ours recently died (just yesterday...) It's been a while since the mother cat bore a kitty so I was glad that this time, a kitty survived and now pretty much old (in terms of cat years) and was actually very healthy. I was shocked on why the kitty suddenly just refused to eat any of its meal. I even tried to force a dropper into its mouth just to help it drink some supplemental vitamins... But... *sigh*

Then again,... my parents do always remember to say this whenever a pet of ours die. "It's a good thing that it somehow absorbed instead the illness which could have stick to us."


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